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    Dolphin spotting in Costa Rica's Golfo Dulce

    Written by Milly Warr

    One morning, while staying at the beachfront hideaway Playa Cativo Lodge – on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, bordering the Golfo Dulce – we rose early and headed out on a boat in search of dolphins. I was excited, to say the least, but tried my hardest to repress this excitement, just in case we didn’t spot any. How wrong I was to have worried.

    Milly Warr Dolphin Experience

    The guides at Playa Cativo know exactly where to find the dolphins, and before long, we were surrounded by at least a hundred of them. I was desperate to capture this on camera, but at the same time, wanted to just enjoy the moment as I knew this was something I was unlikely to experience ever again.

    Milly Warr Dolphin Experience

    Dolphins – the ones we saw were spotted dolphins – are incredibly playful mammals. They followed our boat and swam in the waves that we left behind us. We must have spent over an hour admiring them and hearing stories of times when groups of more than 300 dolphins had been observed at one time. I could have stayed all day. I was delighted, overwhelmed and totally stunned by what I had experienced.

    Milly Warr Dolphin Experience

    It is worth noting that dolphins live in the Golfo Dulce all year round, and you have approximately a 90% chance of seeing them. I would encourage everyone to visit the Osa Peninsula and, indeed, to go dolphin spotting – you will not be disappointed!

    Milly Warr Dolphin Experience

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