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    Travel Cambodia with cazenove+loyd

    A small country which packs a punch. My recent trip to Cambodia had me zipping over raging waterfalls, dining in remote paddy fields, photographing almost unheard of temples and being able to be part of a number of impressive conservation efforts. Cambodia’s offerings make this destination one for many, whether you spend your time with specialist architects, film-makers and artists or if you prefer somewhere to travel slowly and absorb the incredible serenity.

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    Travel India with cazenove+loyd

    I frequently travel to India both through cazenove+loyd and for personal holiday. It is a country I feel particularly passionate about and a place for which I revel in sharing my stories and ideas with my clients. India is one of (if not the most) culturally diverse and unique destinations in the world. It is near impossible to describe its intoxicating blend of fascinating cultures, unique traditions and wonderful hospitality on a shoestring. From the snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas to the majestic forts and palaces in Rajasthan or even the Hindu art and architecture in southern India, there is something for everyone, young or old. The country will deliver its promise of surprises and provide the most unforgettable experiences.

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