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    The Importance of Family Legacy Travel

    In the last 20 years or so, the way that we travel has changed enormously. Direct and frequent flights to long-haul destinations, rapid globalisation and – although not always for the better – the unfiltered information on the internet, has contracted the world as we know it. All this means that once-in-a-lifetime trips can be, and now are for some, annual.

    But there has also been a shift in why we travel, especially with regard to family holidays. With the generation gap eroding, families are now looking to explore the world together. We’re looking at a generation of parents who have been lucky enough to travel themselves, and they want to have that for their children as well. Added to this, in our click and swipe, instant-access society, parents no longer want to wait until their children have been packed off to university to embark on their bucket-list trips -they want to take them along for the ride.

    We have also seen an increasing amount of ‘sabbatical trips’ or luxury adult gap-years, which appeal to those looking for a mind-expanding journey after working or raising a family for many years.

    Family holidays in Africa

    It seems that increasingly memories are prized over materials: the traveller wants to return full of stories to regale to friends, rather than armed with goods to show off to them.  And with myriad studies illustrating that travelling extensively as a youngster makes you more rounded, independent and – yes – employable, indeed, investing in adventures for your family is every bit as valuable as spending on formal education.

    Walking safari

    Now truly exceptional trips do need meticulous planning, which is where cazenove+loyd’s Legacy Travel programme comes in. The idea is that we take time to understand the unique dynamics and nuances of your family, from your children’s interests to what they are learning at school. Then our experts can create a tailor-made travel plan of potential trips for your family for the next few years. Naturally, this will be subject to alterations, as interests fluctuate and different areas of the world develop, but creating a long-term holiday calendar takes the guesswork out of family travel planning. Holidays become more than just a chance to relax – they are stimulating, educational, mind-expanding and bonding experiences. In other words, a pretty solid investment. And the right holiday can be designed at the right time, for the right child.

    Horse riding on family holiday

    Read the full interview with Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell in Bloomberg’s ‘Legacy Travel’ feature 

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