Journeys by boat

    Journey by boat

    Journeys by boat

    We are fully independent, so our only concern when choosing a private yacht or a cabin on a larger boat is what is right for you and your family. Our Destination Experts have visited these stunning boats, so after getting to know you and your family’s needs, they can advise on location and taste, as well as arrange a host of unforgettable activities and surprises once you are there.

    Life on the private yachts boats and small ships we choose is about freedom and that elusive frontier feeling. It’s where iPads and smartphones are made redundant, replaced by the thrill of ever-changing scenery and daily discovery of secret little spots.

    What we look for on vessels is a knowledgeable captain, a great chef, but most importantly a great guide to bring it all to life  – because for any extraordinary destination to be fully felt in technicolour it needs to be brought to life by a team with the perfect balance of passion, charisma, and professionalism.

    With cazenove+loyd it is not just about where you stay but the experiences that go with it. The magnificent Amazon River, the mighty Mekong or the wildlife-rich Komodo Islands – we can open up the world’s most incredible waterways to you in the most inspiring way.

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    We can arrange stunning boat journeys in a variety of our destinations. Here are some of our favourites. 


    Getting it right everytime

    Our Service

    • Initial Conversation
    • Your Destination Expert will build a relationship with you and a nuanced understanding of what you want from your holiday.
    • Creating an Itinerary
    • Once we know you, we can match our years of specialist knowledge to you and begin designing your extraordinary trip.
    • Collaborate
    • We will continue refining your itinerary adding in those special touches and leaving no stone unturned to make sure that every day is spectacular.
    • 24/7 service
    • From the moment you leave home, we will be on hand to ensure a totally seamless experience.

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    Each of our dedicated experts has extensive knowledge of the destinations they specialise in. They are continuously re-visiting, trying and testing so that they can offer you up to date and little-known insights into the regions they are so passionate about.



    At cazenove+loyd, we specialise in mind-expanding trips that linger in your mind long after you’ve returned home. Over the past almost 30 years, we’ve explored the hottest deserts, wildest rainforests and highest peaks in search of finding the best for our clients.
    For a real family adventure, a private yacht charter in some of our favourite areas of Latin America is a game-changer. The journeys that we hand-craft offer unrivalled access to astounding endemic species and some of the least visited parts of the Amazon ecosystem.

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