We have a fantastic VIP service in place to help you navigate the airport to make your journey smooth and easy.

    We are always on hand to make sure your trip runs smoothly from the moment you leave your home until the moment you return, but in light of COVID-19, we have been focusing on how we can improve our service even more.

    Our VIP airport service means that you are picked up from home by a driver who will be dressed in the necessary protective clothing and separated from you by a screen in a carefully sanitised car. You will then be met at the airport by another member of our team who will lead you past any queues – at a safe distance – and straight to check-in. Once through security, you will then either be escorted to your airline’s lounge or, if this is not included in your flight, we can arrange for you to relax in another lounge until you board your flight. You will then either board directly from the lounge or we will guide you to the gate using the quickest route and skipping any queues.

    During the flight, the World Health Organisation has stated that there is little risk of any disease being transmitted onboard an aircraft since ventilation provides a total change of air 20 to 30 times per hour.

    At the end of your holiday, you will be guided straight off the plane through immigration and out of the airport into a waiting car. We will have provided you with brightly coloured cazenove+loyd luggage tags prior to your departure, which will allow a trusted member of our team to ensure your luggage is collected for you off the carousel and loaded into your car. Once every bag is accounted for, our driver will take you home.


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