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    cazenove+loyd work in some of the most ecologically and culturally sensitive parts of the world. We are always conscious of operating in a way which has a positive impact on both the environment and the people.
    Tourism is our livelihood and the livelihood of those we work with in Africa + the Indian Ocean, Central + South America, Asia + the Middle East and The Polar Regions. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote sustainable development in tourism. 
    As a small company, we believe that the best way to have a positive impact is to work with individuals who share our values. Similar to the locally owned, small-scale lodges and hotels which we tend to favour for our clients, we also seek out charities that affect tangible change through small, local projects.

    We currently support the following four charities that operate in our regions of expertise:

    All About the Light
    All About The Light Foundation, Africa

    The All About the Light Foundation gives small but powerful inflatable solar-powered lights – ‘Luci Lights’ – to travellers, so that they may in turn, personally, give the lights to those who live without electricity, the 1.3 billion energy-impoverished people of the world.

    A Luci Light allows a child to do their homework after their chores are done and to thus stay in school longer and have a better life. It allows a midwife to assist in the best way possible at a difficult night birth and supports a mother in taking care of her family when daylight is gone.  

    Our Africa Destination Experts are gifting these powerful pocket lights to villages in Zambia and Zimbabwe, and will continue to light up communities throughout Africa. 

    About Asia Schools
    ABOUTAsia Travel & Schools, Cambodia

    From its inception in 2006, ABOUTAsia Travel & Schools has been committed to the concept that transformative travel can, and will, bring tangible benefit to local communities.

    cazenove+loyd’s contribution directly supports communities in Cambodia, which our clients can visit, so that – if they so wish – they can see for themselves the positive impact their travel is having.

    Tourism is the primary means of upward economic mobility in north-west Cambodia, and abilities in the English language is the single greatest direct predictor of success within tourism in Cambodia. To bring familiarity with the English language from a younger age, the charity partners with government schools to teach English to children. These classes are fully funded by ABOUTAsia Schools, with teachers paid, trained and supplied in-house. 

    ABOUTAsia Schools’ newest and most exciting project began in late 2014, with the opening of their first village learning centre, just north of Siem Reap. They are one part library, one part classroom, and one part community centre. Each has two full-time staff-members who function as English teachers and librarians, and they are well stocked with a library, art supplies, sporting equipment and much more. 

    Alalay Foundation, Bolivia

    There are hundreds of thousands of children living on the streets in Bolivia – children without homes, with insufficient food, mostly without anyone to care for them.
    The Bolivian Alalay Foundation rescues these children from the streets and offers them a loving environment living together in family cabins where they feed, clothe and educate them to encourage them in their future working lives. The name Alalay was chosen by the street children themselves and means “I am cold” in the local Aymara language. 
    cazenove+loyd’s support will aid in educating and training these children in order to help them find successful employment in the future. Destination Expert Milly Warr travelled to Bolivia to volunteer for Alalay and saw first-hand the positive impact this charity has made.

    Scott Polar Research Institute, The Polar Regions
    Scott Polar Research Institute

    The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) is an esteemed organisation that aims to improve the comprehension of and appreciation for our polar regions. Through scholarly research and publication, it reaches out to the global community and enlightens people on the vital importance of protecting them for future generations.

    The charity’s main research subjects include history, culture, politics, landscapes, glacimarine environments, high-latitude vegetation, glaciology, the monitoring of snow and ice cover, and, perhaps most importantly, climate change. SPRI also provides fantastic opportunities for graduates by offering MPhil and PhD courses as well as giving out student grants to worthy applicants.

    We are thrilled to be supporting this fantastic cause and very much hope that our contribution, whenever a client travels to the polar regions, will make a difference in helping to tackle a fundamental, worldwide issue.

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