Region: Central + South America

An explorer’s paradise of indigenous communities and unparalleled jungle wilderness 

From Guyana’s dramatic coastline, verdant jungle spreads south, consuming everything in sight and hiding spectacular treasures, from the world’s highest single drop waterfall and indigenous communities to unusual animals such as giant otters and myriad bird species.  

Teeming with beauty and opportunity, it’s no wonder Guyana has enticed many an explorer and writer over the centuries – indeed, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his 1912 science fiction classic The Lost World on this otherworldly destination. 

Once part of the British Empire, and therefore the only English-speaking country in Latin America, Guyana makes an incredible destination for curious travellers. To help you get to the heart of this unique place, we have curated fascinating experiences with expert guides who will uncover the wilderness, cities, customs, culture with you. Whether it is exploring the coastal sugar plantations and their complex history, the infamous site of the Jonestown massacre or heading into the wild interior to revel in pristine nature, a journey through Guyana is one you will never forget. 

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In most wildlife destinations, the fauna and flora change dramatically from season to season and we need to know what each client is looking for on their holiday in order to deliver the best chance of seeing inspiring wildlife in its natural habitat. This is where our independence is so important- we can choose the place to stay which is right for every client, with a knowledge and objectivity that is unparalleled.

Whilst the comfort of a lodge, camp or hotel (or even boat) is always important on a luxury wildlife holiday, it is the guide which makes the difference. In all of the regions we work in throughout the world, securing the most inspiring guides is our highest priority. These are the people who will introduce you to the country, the ones who allow you to see the real soul of the place you are visiting. Nowhere is this more important than on a wildlife holiday, where the guides we choose not only inspire you with their vast knowledge and thrilling stories but through their highly-skilled and intricate tracking.

Belize is a Latin American paradise: home to Mayan ruins, mountains draped in lush jungle and richly exotic wildlife. Then there are the sugar-white beaches, pristine offshore cayes and bright turquoise waters that shelter one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems which in turn offers excellent diving.

Days can be spent unwinding beneath shady palms, swimming or snorkelling in the warm Caribbean sea, or relaxing beside an infinity pool in one of our favourite lodges. For your own private paradise, we can also privately charter you a boat to visit secluded cayes that are untouched by any other other visitors.

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From its vast and dazzling salt lakes to its peaceful savannah wetlands, great swathes of steaming jungle, crimson deserts and volcanoes of the south-west, this is an idiosyncratic and spectacular country, where the way of life has remained the same for centuries.

In the north lies the characterful capital La Paz, which is crammed with colourful street markets, ringed by soaring peaks and set at an altitude of 3650m. Further south, the blinding-white Uyuni Salt Flats are a must-visit, and we can open up this vast area in a number of inspiring ways. Our fantastic guides know the infinite flats like the back of their hand and will take you to the most remote and dazzling places imaginable, where you can enjoy delicious picnics, while taking in the otherworldly scenery.

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Pulsating with energy, optimism and a sense of fun, Brazil’s exoticism is powerfully seductive. Its huge size gives it the variety of a continent, rather than a country: from the stunning colonial architecture of Minas Gerais and Bahia to the cities that ring with music and dance, such as Rio and Salvador. The wide-open beaches of the north-east contrast with the peaceful bays and fishing villages near Rio; and the wonders of the Amazon Basin contrast with the remote beauty of the Pantanal. There are world-class hotels in Rio and Sao Paulo and stylish private beach houses in Angra, Paraty and Bahia; simple pousadas in the interior and authentic, working fazendas in the Chapada Diamantina. We tend to work with the smaller and most character-filled properties that best reflect the mood and style of their surroundings.

In the Amazon, we favour smaller camps, in order to gain access to primary forest – and for small groups, we can charter private river boats, which can explore incredible virgin beaches. Brazil’s size and variety make it difficult to get right without insider knowledge and our Destination Experts will guide you as to how much is manageable and exactly what to expect from the extraordinary variety of choices.

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Travelling down Chile, a series of dramatic and startlingly different landscapes unfurl before you. From the Atacama Desert to the wild drama of Patagonia’s fjords, glaciers and mountains, the breathtaking scenery is matched only by the exhilarating activities we can arrange.

For true outdoor adventure, we work with highly professional local guides who can access the most spectacular wilderness and provide the most expert hiking, riding and fishing guides. For those seeking greater luxury, we can advise on all the stunning lodges that lie in and around the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park. For a slice of culture, we recommend the artistic seaside city of Valparaíso. Comprised of 42 hills set above a bustling port, the city has been home to numerous poets and street artists over the years.

Whatever we design for you in Chile, you can rest assured that every aspect of your trip will be totally seamless, so that all your focus can be on enjoying this otherworldly and magical destination.

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In Colombia, you can find yourself travelling to Caribbean islands, colonial cities, jagged coastal national parks, lush green hills, Amazon jungles, tropical grasslands and Andean coffee plantations.
Discover the birthplace of salsa in the west, the wonderful Amazon nature in the South, your own tropical paradise in the north and the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the north east overlooking fascinating fishing villages. As well as these rich landscapes there are also some incredible cities and Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin, in particular, will show you the Colombians’ sense of fun, their pride in where they come from and their rhythm of life.
There are so many up and coming boutique hotels that there is a place to please everyone, particularly in Cartagena. The owners are generally the stars who complete travellers’ trips with their infectious enthusiasm, their drive to make their hotel different and having an eye for detail.
Our tailor-made holidays to Colombia can be taken at any time of the year but the most pleasant months of the year tend to be December to April. However, our destination experts can advise you on the best places to visit depending on your preferred month of travel.

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Costa Rica is brimming with rich and strange wildlife: giant sea turtles, tree-climbing iguanas and more than 850 species of birds. With 75% of its area designated as a nature reserve, and sheltering an extraordinary 5% of the planet’s flora and fauna, Costa Rica has been a pioneer in nature and ecotourism. We have uncovered stunning lodges and small boutique hotels, ideally situated in some of the country’s most beautiful spots. Added to this, the high standard of guiding we organise makes Costa Rica one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the Americas.

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While it is certainly opening up to the world, Cuba can still transport you back to a bygone era. This little island holds such fascinating history, distinctive culture and intrigue for the visitor, it remains one of our most alluring destinations.

For those who have a passion for the arts and music – Cuba is an intoxicating destination. Music, in particular, is at the heart and soul of this country. Our guides on the ground are academics, musicians and artists who can all speak from experience and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.

Havana has some of the most beautiful examples of Spanish colonial architecture in the world where you can wander the sultry streets, and get a feel for Cuban life. Head out into the countryside where you’ll find vast sugar cane plantations, cattle ranches, beautiful mountain ranges and stunning beaches. Here you’ll find the local Cubans playing dominoes, never far from a bottle of rum.

Behind the façade of the old colonial buildings of Havana and Cuba’s smaller towns, privately-owned boutique hotels are now beginning to pop up alongside the small bars and cafes which are Cuba’s way of life, night and day.

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